Bitchy mistress Kim and her man slave

I always knew it was only a matter of time before the bitch inside of Kim came out for the world to see. No, she didn’t eat another woman… she just has an inner-bitch that usually stays hidden, until days like these! In these free sample clips we get to see her tormenting and torturing her helpless man slave, starting by chaining up his cock and handcuffing him to the wall so she can have her way with him without any complaints or interruptions. The poor guy is forced to stand there in red lingerie, with a blindfold over his face, while this big beautiful bitch tortures his bare ass and cock.

Someone remind me never to get on Kim’s bad side if I ever come face to face with her… because I have no idea if I could take the abuse her twisted mind wants to dish out. I saw a strap on in her assortment of toys too, and I don’t even want to know what she would do with that if she had my bare ass chained up against the wall! But if you want to see more of Kim being a bitch you can check her out at Kim’s Amateurs.

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