Lesbian granny action with Kim and her friend

Grannies still need some loving too you know, so I guess you could say that Kim is doing a public service right here. Well, I’m going to say it anyway. This is one of Kim’s big adventures that you just have to see for yourself… and when you see this granny doing full body spasms while Kim has her face buried in her old pussy I think you’ll see what I mean! But first they do some titty fondling and nipple licking to make sure the juices are flowing. After the foreplay is done they can move on to the main event of the evening.

When this old nympho granny is done having her orgasm spasms she returns the favor by getting out the rabbit and vibrating Kim’s chubby pussy from behind, then burying her face in Kim’s pussy… using her nose to stimulate her clit. That is just one of the many tricks she has learned over the years, and by the look of it she has had many many years to learn! Obviously this is just a little taste test of what you can find inside the Kim’s Amateurs website, so that is where you need to be for the real stuff.

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