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Just another day in the life of Kim, the big and beautiful amateur porn queen who just won’t settle for one on one sex. Her idea of a good time is to get a few of her fuck buddies together, particularly the larger ones, then grab a camera and let the good times roll. For tonight’s threesome action Kim has brought along a big ass blonde babe to share the load, the load of cum I mean… but she still has to work for it! They both take turns sucking and fucking this lucky guy so I guess you could say they earned their facial treatment.

After you have seen these big bouncy asses jiggling around all over his cock I think you will have to agree with me that this guy is fucking lucky to be there right now. Where else are you going to get the chance to fuck and cum all over two old nympho BBWs like this?!? But anyway that’s enough talk… go and watch the free trailer and sample clips on the gallery already, and then check out the Kim’s Amateurs website to see the full thing plus many more of her big sexy adventures.

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Kim is back for another taste of cock, just like all good cum addicts do eventually… and she has brought along some more of her big boned friends to share the dick with! She’s wearing her best old black lingerie too, so she better be careful with that when the cum starts flying or she will have a hell of a cleaning bill. But anyway, who fucking cares about cleaning… definitely not a cum addicted BBW like our friend Kim right here. I guess I shouldn’t be making fun of it, addiction is a serious matter folks!

I have no idea where Kim hangs out to find the BBWs she gets for her group fuck sessions but they just seem to get bigger and better every time, and just like Kim they know their way around a cock! This big blonde babe in today’s free clips is no exception. She wraps her lips around this guy as soon as Kim is done with it and she doesn’t seem to mind eating the leftovers either. Want to see more? More of Kim; more of her swingin’ BBW lifestyle; more videos in higher quality and full length? Then visit Kim’s Amateurs right now.

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Now this is more like it. This is more like the good old Kim that we have come to know and love… she is getting back to her group sex roots in today’s free sample videos and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As usual I have absolutely no fuckin’ clue who the rest of the people other than Kim are in these videos. Just another lot of random fuck partners I guess, because you know Kim likes to keep it fresh in her bedroom! And today’s breath of fresh air comes in the form of a busty old blonde babe who gets tied up in a chair.

After she gets as comfortable as possible while tied to a fuckin’ chair this guy comes along and flops her tits out of her top, and then starts flopping his cock all over her soft tits while Kim goes down under to get her started with some pussy licking. Soon enough Kim and the guy leave the blonde alone in her chair while they get in to each other, licking her nipples and fondling her big bouncy boobs until it is time for a blowjob. Get the full scene at Kim’s Amateurs.

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Wow… wait a second, oh OK, that is hot. Those are just a few of the things that ran through my dirty mind while I watched the first few seconds of today’s free BBW porn clips. I guess it is the extreme close up shot of Kim’s puckered asshole and dripping wet pussy getting fingered that made me pause for a second. And then the camera switches around to show everyone’s favorite chunky chick sucking a fat cock. I guess all of that lesbian action she has been in to lately has given her a craving for some dick.

Well she is definitely getting her daily dose of dick right here and she takes every chance she can get to gobble it up and lick it until the well runs dry… and after all of that she jumps up and starts titty fucking this guy like a crazy fucker. And that is only the beginning of the night’s festivities. Next up is the 69 action with Kim taking the bottom position, followed by more cock sucking and a quick doggie style fuck to seal the deal. But you will have to visit her website to see the full length scene.

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Anna P. is Kim’s new lesbian fuck buddy for the night, and we have got some free sample videos of the action right here for you to see. Anna told the whole crew before she got to the house that she got really wet and messy when she is horny… so I guess Kim wanted to make her prove it before she got in on the action herself. And she definitely proves it. She proves it by working herself over with that silver vibrator, and then finishing herself off by furiously rubbing her soaking wet clit with her hand, until her pussy juices start squirting out all over the bed!

She came dressed to please for these clips too. I bet she knows how much Kim likes a woman in lingerie and she took her chance. Everyone wants to get in to Kim’s bedroom so it helps if you can stand out above the crowd… and that sexy black lingerie, fishnet stockings, and high heels definitely helped get her foot in the door. So get on in there and check out the free clips, and then visit Kim at her very own website for more larger than life amateur action.

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It is time to get strapped, loaded, and ready for action. And you know Kim and her chubby chick friends are already way ahead of you so you better get started if you want to catch up with these babes. Don’t even bother asking me who this new brunette girl is… I gave up on trying to keep track of Kim’s conquests a long time ago because this babe gets more ass than a fuckin’ toilet seat. This girl still has a whole lot to learn about how Kim does business though, and you’re going to see what I mean when you check out these free sample clips.

So, did you watch the videos yet? Good. Now you know that Kim doesn’t give a fuck whether you’re stuck with the wet spot on the bed, she just wants you to bury that tongue in her hairy wet slit and get to work lickin’ it til it squirts! This new girl has a very nice ass though, I’ll give her that much, and she definitely isn’t shy about getting strapped up and fucking Kim like a man. Anyway, this is just a preview of one of Kim’s many sexy adventures so visit her site if you like this stuff.

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OK so the first thing I thought when I checked out this new set of free clips from Kim’s Amateurs is that she has somehow turned in to a vampire… but then I thought maybe she is just wearing way too much really cheap lipstick. You will see what I mean when you take a look, which you should be doing right now. But just in case you are still paying attention to what I’m saying here, it was the bright red circles around her new lesbian lover’s nipples that made me think what the fuck is going on here?

This new babe is hot too by the way. Maybe not as big as her usual fuck buddies, but she has definitely got some nice big titties and big brown nipples to play with. And you know how much Kim enjoys a good tit sucking from time to time, she doesn’t even care if she is giving or receiving! She loves licking that shaved slit too, but that should be obvious. Oh and I just noticed this scene is set in an office… who knew Kim had a fuckin’ office?!? You’ll just have to visit her site to find out what that is all about.

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The mysterious short haired blonde BBW in sunglasses is back again in today’s free video clips, and she is sharing the spotlight with another lucky fellow, and Kim is there too of course. Needless to say, this threesome of hardcore heavyweights will definitely test the limits of what that bed can hold… and it might just need some reinforcing before the night is over. Never underestimate the power of pussy pounding! And that is something you will definitely witness for yourself if you ever spend a night at Kim’s place.

At the beginning of this set of free video clips the chunky lovin’ guy just lays back with his cock out while these two lovely BBWs kiss each other and then continue to lick and bite each other’s nipples. I guess he was feeling left out of the action so the big blonde starts sucking him off and even deepthroats his whole cock. I bet that was worth waiting for. Kim can’t keep her hands off it though, so she grabs that dick and starts up some double licking action with her blonde friend. Want to see this scene in full quality, full length, and all of it’s glory? Then visit the main site!

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Kim is dressed to impress for tonight’s amateur BBW adventure, but more likely she is dressed to fuck some juicy lesbian pussy… if that makes sense at all. She is definitely not dressed up to go to church anyway! She is wearing some sexy black lingerie with sparkly things all over it, and matching long black gloves. I never thought Kim was afraid to get her hands dirty, and by dirty I mean covered in cum and pussy juice, but tonight she decided to go with the gloves! Her new girlfriend seems to like it anyway, and she just can’t keep her hand out of her panties while Kim nibbles on her nipples.

But what the fuck is with the sunglasses? Is it just me thinking this or are the only people who wear dark glasses inside either rock stars, drug addicts, or both? Maybe we need to add amateur BBW lesbians to that list too. She never takes the glasses off either… even when is parting the pink seas of Kim and shoving her tongue in to her slit, getting fucked with a dildo, and helping Kim suck off a guy. I guess she doesn’t want all of her bingo buddies to know what she does in her spare time.

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This unknown big blonde British babe is back to play around in Kim’s bedroom again. I say unknown because I have no idea what her name is… and because Kim has so many lesbian friends and fuck partners that I have just about given up trying to keep track of them all. But anyway, I will just call her random blonde BBW for now. These two chunky chicks start the night’s naughty fun with a little foreplay. They press their giant soft titties against each other while kissing, and fondling those lovely big boobs until Kim gets the blonde babe’s tits out to suck on.

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