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Everyone’s favorite chunky British amateur babe is back to her usual tricks, and she wants to share her dirty adventures with the whole world. I’m talking about Kim of course, along with another horny BBW for some earth shattering lesbian action. Well, it might shatter the bed frame anyway… but that’s another story. Kim and her newest girlfriend get down to business with a double sided dildo, pushing their pussies together as close as they can get as the double dong penetrates them both to the limit before Kim gets a tiny vibrator out for some clit action.

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Everyone’s favorite British BBW Kim has got a new toy for today’s free clips, and no I’m not talking about any of the guys and girls she is fucking around with in this foursome… I’m talking about that fucking huge vibrator she jams in to her snatch! You can tell she loves it too, even if it is a bit noisy, because the noise of the vibrator isn’t nearly as loud as she gets when she’s having an earth shattering orgasm. You would know that by now if you’ve seen and heard this big babe cum!

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A night at Kim’s house just wouldn’t be complete without plenty of alcohol, a strap on dildo, and plenty of BBW pussy spread wide and ready for action. Today’s free clips start with Kim sitting on the bed while she sucks herself off… her strap on dildo I mean. And holy shit it actually looks like she could give herself a titty fucking right there, that is how big her tits are! How many other babes do you know who could tit fuck themselves like that? Not many I bet.

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I learned something today. That doesn’t happen very often while watching porn… but it happened today. I learned that if you cock slap Kim while she is sucking your dick, she will slap your fuckin’ balls. So keep that in mind if you ever find yourself in one of Kim’s amateur BBW movies, unless you’re in to that kind of thing. But it doesn’t take her too long to get over it and get down in doggie style to get fucked from behind in her big bouncy ass.

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We’re back in the bedroom of one of Britain’s biggest swingers. Bigger and better than all of the rest in more ways than one… Kim is definitely not your average pornstar and she is damn proud of it. She isn’t even a professional, she just loves to fuck and she loves to share her big beautiful body with as many partners as possible, and of course share the videos of it all over the net! And as you probably know by now, Kim just can’t settle for one fuck buddy… her speciality is getting together a bunch of random amateurs for a threesome or more.

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Holy fucking shit… when I tell you these old babes have huge tits you better fuckin’ believe it. The only thing that might be bigger than their massive melons are their ass cheeks… and I’m not even sure about that. So anyway, if you are already a fan of Kim and her amateur fuck buddies then you know she is up for just about anything, and she isn’t shy about letting us all watch it either. This time she is with her blonde girlfriend, who will remain nameless because I just don’t know, and for once she has found a partner with a pair of titties as nice and big as her own!

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I always knew it was only a matter of time before the bitch inside of Kim came out for the world to see. No, she didn’t eat another woman… she just has an inner-bitch that usually stays hidden, until days like these! In these free sample clips we get to see her tormenting and torturing her helpless man slave, starting by chaining up his cock and handcuffing him to the wall so she can have her way with him without any complaints or interruptions. The poor guy is forced to stand there in red lingerie, with a blindfold over his face, while this big beautiful bitch tortures his bare ass and cock.

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You know Kim already, right? She is the British BBW with fuckin’ massive tits, a dirty mind, and an appetite for sex that just can’t be fulfilled by one partner. Sure, she does some one on one sometimes, but her real love is some good threesome action or even bigger groups. So for today’s free clips free clips she has brought her girlfriend along for the ride again, and they both make the most of their chance to take on a 10 inch black cock… and they fuckin’ love every inch of it too as they lick it, drool all over it, and squeeze it in between their big beautiful tits.

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